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What Makes a Good Workshop Citizen?

Fiction writer and essayist Eson Kim put together this podcast discussing the components of a successful creative writing workshop, and what it means to be a good workshop citizen both from the teacher and student side of the equation.

Instructors from GrubStreet, including myself, contributed to this important and insightful discussion about what it means to be a good workshop citizen, among other relevant topics. Anyone who has taken or is planning to take a creative writing class should give it a listen.


ba I interviewed Nigerian novelist and short story writer, A. Igoni Barrett. We talked about his debut novel, Blackass, and about process, audience, and the politics of language. Check out the full interview here.



Poet and essayist Abriana Jette review’s three of my poems in Stay Thirsty Press’s Emerging Poets column:



I sat down with Middle Gray Magazines’s Fiction Editor, Dariel Suarez, for an in-depth interview following their publication of my short story, “The Pickle.” Check it out here:


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  1. Dahlia Graham says:

    Love you web page Jonathan. Just keep following your passion. Your focus, determination and talent will pay off. Enjoy the journey!

    1. Thanks, glad you like it!

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